SkyLee Nicole Edmiston

Award Winning Esthetician

SkyLee Nicole Edmiston is a distinguished Esthetician, recognized with awards for her outstanding contributions in the field. She holds the esteemed position of Esthetics Instructor and Nutritionist, showcasing a multifaceted expertise in beauty and wellness. Currently, she is diligently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences with a specialized focus on Beauty and Wellness, with an anticipated completion date in 2026.

She stands as the sole Esthetician in Tucson equipped with dedicated oncology training accredited by US Oncology Esthetics. Possessing a license obtained in 2009, she has dedicated her professional endeavors to serving cancer patients since 2013.

She has experienced the profound impact of cancer within her own family, witnessing her father triumph over skin cancer. Additionally, she has faced the unfortunate loss of her sons’ grandmother to breast cancer in April 2014 at the age of 51, her grandmother succumbing to breast cancer at the close of 2016, and her mother losing the battle against endometrial and cervical cancer in 2019.

SkyLee has acquired extensive advanced education, encompassing a Holistic Skin Specialist Certification, Radiofrequency certification, specialized training as a Zen Facelift Specialist, advanced knowledge in medical peels and services, and proficiency in speed waxing and Brazilians, inclusive of expertise in male anatomy Brazilians.

Additionally, her skill set extends to advanced training in Microneedling, Jet Flasma Fibroblast, aromatherapy, cosmetic and organic chemistry, nutritional sciences, Corneotherapy, and various other specialized areas.

Her primary dedication lies in facilitating relaxation and providing a respite for individuals confronting life’s challenges, coupled with a commitment to imparting knowledge on the significance of high-quality ingredients. In addition to her professional pursuits, she allocates a considerable amount of time to volunteer her expertise and skills to diverse groups.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she fulfills the roles of a single mother to Anthony, aged 21, a caregiver to three cherished feline companions, and oversees the care of two lively hens in her capacity as a chicken enthusiast.

Check her out on Kgun9’s “Morning Blend” TV show!

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