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Advanced speed waxing OR Brazilian waxing $129 or $259 with wax kit

Brow mapping/waxing $129

Dermaplaning (both oil and dry) $129 or $199 with kit

Hot/Cold stone Facials $129

Herbal Wraps or Body Scrubs $209

Lash Lifting $129

Brow lamination $129

Advanced Aromatherapy $49

Microdermabrasion $129

Advanced Peels $129

Spray Tanning $99

Retailing or Social Media Marketing $49

Acupressure/Advanced Facial Massage $129

Cupping, Gua Sha and MLD $399

Microchanneling/Nano Infusion $299

Oncology Esthetics $999

All classes are education based not product based and do not come with a kit unless otherwise specified. Instead, we give you all the resources to choose your own line and order.

All classes are taught in one day with the exception of Oncology Esthetics.

All classes are one on one unless you would like to bring a friend and do a group class.

Classes are scheduled on weekends unless other arrangements are made.

A $50 deposit is required on all classes and a 48 hour cancellation policy is in effect. Deposit is applied to class cost. 

All classes are taught by licensed instructors who are certified in the services, because of this, Cosmetology and Esthetics students may take classes and receive hours if school permits.

Discounts are given when multiple classes are taken or multiple people schedule together.

Email us for more information and to schedule classes.

SkyLee doesn't believe in "nickel and diming" her clients. Depending on skin concerns/type and what is best for the client SkyLee will add gua sha, cupping, MLD,  and Aromatherapy to any 60 minute or longer facial at no additional charge. Microcurrent and LED can be added to any 90 minute facial at no additional charge. She also uses the product best for your skin at no additional charge.

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