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Lash Tinting $20

Brow Tinting $20

Lash and Brow Tinting $35

Lash Lift $50

Imagine curled lashes without the daily hassle of using a lash curler? Last 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth.

Brow Lamination $50

Tame unruly or curly brows with the brow equivalent of a straightening treatment

​Hydrating Body Wrap $85

A rich body butter is therapeutically applied to the entire body, then you're wrapped in a thermal blanket and while the body butter penetrates the skin you receive a luxurious scalp massage.

Body Polish $85

Based on your skin type/concerns a salt or sugar scrub sourced locally is applied to the entire body to remove dead skin cells and reveal softer skin. Once rinsed off a body butter is applied to the skin. 

Vagacial $ $50

Just like a facial but for your pubic mound. Geared towards treating ingrowns, dark pigment, and breakouts/cysts. 

Foot Peel $45

A blend of ingredients specifically made to reveal younger, smoother skin on the feet.

Vaginal Steaming $65

A custom blend of herbs is used in a steam box while you comfortably sit over it and allow the herbs to treat and balance the delicate vaginal area. 

Bridal Makeup and Spray Tanning Services upon request

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